2018, May 3 HOA Updates, Further Comments

Following recent in-depth discussions at HOA meetings, follow-on questions have been asked about traffic on Hirst Rd. and the implementation of the planned VDOT Hillsboro Rd. interchange, and about municipal water supply.

Warner Brook annexation, rezoning, and site plan approval would have to be completed before any construction, and construction would then take a year before even the first phase of Warner Brook would become open. This means that Warner Brook first phase opening could be consistent with the Hillsboro Rd. 690 interchange construction, which would allow access to Warner Brook from the 690 interchange on Mayfair Crown Dr. without using Hirst Rd. Also, County FY19 budget includes study for the necessary improvements to the Hirst Rd. intersection with Berlin Turnpike. These improvements are expected to be completed before any elements of Warner Brook open.

Warner Brook traffic planning and phasing absolutely needs to be coordinated during rezoning with Purcellville, the County, and with VDOT.

Another question was raised about water, and whether Purcellville had enough water supply to furnish Warner Brook after all phases were complete in the future. This is a negotiation that would be necessary to have with Purcellville during rezoning, much like the one that would be necessary regarding sewage pumping. Whether or not the developer needs to build and maintain a well and a pumping station for the Town of Purcellville remains to be negotiated.

Positive comments were offered about the sportsplex providing travel convenience to residents for sports practices, sports events, and for community events. The positive economic development impacts , like at Fireman’s Field, were also recognized. Small business light industrial sites for Purcellville business owners were noted as a benefit for the town.

2018, 04/25 WarnerBrook.info launched

Handing out printed materials to a few dozen HOA meeting participants has generated a question from those people, “What about the rest of our residents, can we email them material attachments?”

It made more sense to launch a website, so that the rest of the residents can be alerted by a simple email with the website address link, and all Warner Brook information is just a click away.

Accordingly, www.WarnerBrook.info is available now to provide full information with accuracy and with transparency, including direct access to studies, reports, and comments.

So, send your own email to your fellow citizens of Purcellville, and give them the link to WarnerBrook.info. Since Warner Brook would impact all citizens, then all citizens should know about it.

2018, 04/24 HOA Updates, Village Case

Last night the Village Case HOA board hosted a Warner Brook briefing. After a short introduction about the mixed use plans for Warner Brook, a ninety minute small group discussion ensued. Many questions were asked from the standpoint of devil’s advocacy, many suggestions were brought up, and we deeply appreciate the time and interest that participants gave this agenda item.

Questions about traffic focused on the primary impact roadways that are accesses by Rt. 7 Bypass east-west travel. Additional questions were raised about sportsplex tournaments that may draw visitors from the north and the south, and how those visitors would travel. Hillsboro Road and Berlin Turnpike would be the northern access roadways. Both will be undergoing capital improvements at their interchanges with Rt. 7 Bypass, and with Hirst, between now and 2024. From the south, Rt. 15 would likely be the access route, which would bring visitors up to Leesburg, and then the Rt. 7 Bypass.

A question was raised about whether or not Warner Brook roadways would be privately maintained or would they be public VDOT roads. The intention now is for private roads, unless VDOT makes future demand specifications that would force public status.

A question was raised about the feasibility of a sportsplex in Purcellville, considering that One Loudoun withdrew plans for a sportsplex there. How could Purcellville get a sportsplex if One Loudoun could not? Warner Brook would be privately ventured, and privately operated, unlike the concept at One Loudoun. At One Loudoun the developer offered to construct the medium sized indoor sportsplex in exchange for being allowed to construct more residential development, then hand over the building to the County to manage, maintain, and operate. The County wasn’t excited by taking on those burdens. “Loudoun County is always open to exploring creative partnerships for public facilities, but many of us on the board believed this indoor sports complex was something best handled by the private sector,” said Supervisor Ron Meyer, R-Broad Run. Warner Brook would be developed and operated commercially by the private sector, on land whose cost basis makes a sportsplex economically feasible compared to One Loudoun land.

A suggestion was made to be flexible in the mixed commercial retail center in case a hotel wanted to locate there because of the sportsplex tournament opportunities. That would be up to the ultimate retail center developer and the Town planning process in the final phase of Warner Brook five or more years from now.

Many other valuable and reasonable thoughts and suggestions were discussed, making the time highly valuable.

The Family remains open to all such discussions, and looks forward to further meetings with the HOAs of Purcellville.

2018, 04/17 HOA Updates, Hirst Farm and Locust Grove

The Warner Family is scheduling meetings with individual Purcellville Home Owners Associations to meet directly with citizens of Purcellville for creating transparent awareness and for receiving ideas, suggestions, and concerns in small groups suitable for discussion and feedback.

These meetings began on Tuesday, April 17th. The first meeting was with the Hirst Farm HOA. The following evening the Locust Grove HOA was addressed. On April 24th the Village Case HOA is being visited.

So far, much discussion has focused on the kinds of activities that would be possible through the mixed use approach to Warner Brook, especially related to the sportsplex. Suggestions were made to have such a facility be very flexible to include all sports, not just the most popular ones, and to consider including swimming and track.

Other suggestions expressed concerns around traffic, especially southbound on 287 Berlin Turnpike between Rt. 7 Bypass and Hirst Rd. Since it is already apparent that this roadway link needs widening now, incremental traffic over time as Warner Brook possibly develops would make it imperative to achieve a solution.

It quickly became apparent that making a website available would be more effective than handing out brochures to limited numbers of HOA attendees. This website is the result of that suggestion.

Further comments and suggestions from subsequent HOA meetings will be posted for everyone’s consideration.

2018, 04/01 What’s Good for Purcellville?

The four Warner siblings and their families grew up in Purcellville, and two of the siblings still live within the Town limits with their families today. When considering what could be done with Warner Brook, they asked themselves, “What would be good for Purcellville?”

They feel that within appropriate cautions over indiscriminate growth within the current Town of Purcellville limits, the Town’s community still deserves progress. New and long-time citizens alike deserve advancement that would bring their families enhanced and expanded benefits that are consistent with Purcellville’s existing character, amenities, and resources.

These thoughts generated the vision for Warner Brook, to stimulate family recreation and sports, to provide more facilities for broader community gatherings, to create places for more Purcellville small businesses, to add to the economy with more sports tourism visitors who would support Purcellville’s businesses, to increase the Town’s fiscal commercial tax base, and to reduce upwards pressures on the Town’s tax rates and utility rates for all citizens.

The very best interest of citizens and the Town is to do all this with careful consideration for all impact areas like traffic, through the Annexation and Rezoning process, where citizens achieve control and input over what gets approved.

That would then determine what is truly good for Purcellville.