Studies, Reports, and Comments

For transparency, and for further detailed study by citizens who are interested, the Warner Brook actual studies and reports, some with follow up comments to the reports, are available below. Each item can be clicked on, to bring up a pdf of the document.

Warner Brook Annexation Comments 20181017
Comments to the Town Council, October 17th, 2018. These comments have been submitted to Town Council for their review prior to the October 23rd Town Council item to vote Yes or No regarding the annexation application.

Purcellville Utility Fund Financial Strategies Presentation v8
This study was presented to the Town in April, 2018, by the Town’s paid consultant. These data points are not scare tactics, they are professional assessments by experts and specialists who are paid by the Town to provide accurate forecasts, projections, and recommendations based upon current realities. Pages 6-14 outline the present scenario, and page 15 projects utility rate increases that would be required to keep the fund in balance without triggering higher debt service and penalties.

20181008 Annexation Update 
Presentation briefing to Purcellville Business Association on October 9th, 2018

RC Lesser and Company Fiscal Impact Study

Gorove Slade Traffic Study

Town of Purcellville Staff Report

Warner Brook comments to the staff report
These comments are appended to the Staff Report for council members

Gorove Slade comments to the staff report

Reasons for withdrawing from January 9th Agenda