Progress for Purcellville

Warner Brook is progress for Purcellville because it can . . .

  • Expand the town’s family recreation facilities for many sports and events  conveniently accessible to Purcellville citizens,
  • Save citizen driving times to remote practice and tournament facilities,
  • Enhance the Town’s commercial tax base and fiscal stability,
  • Attract frequent economic development visitors,
  • Build upon Purcellville’s small town community feel through more activities like those taking place at Fireman’s Field,
  • Support Purcellville’s character of small local business vitality,
  • Add light industrial building sites for Purcellville business owners to buy and build on, mirroring the Valley Industrial Park,
  • Stimulate redevelopment of East Main  and East End in keeping with the viewshed goals of the comprehensive plan,
  • Serve the retail needs and conveniences of everyone residing, working, or visiting north of Rt. 7 Bypass,
  • Alleviate traffic on Main Street from trips that originate north of Rt. 7 for neighborhood conveniences,
  • Dedicate residential and open space to adjoin Wright Farm,
  • Warner Brook will be a strong partner with all citizens of Purcellville in addressing critical urgencies in the Town water and sewer fund finances,
  • Address the need in the FY20 budget for the water and sewer fund to increase rates by 9% annually through FY24 (56.9% increase over five years), to avoid fund imbalances.

The most important benefit of Annexation and Rezoning is that these processes allow Purcellville citizens to control and approve what happens in Warner Brook. Without Annexation, Warner Brook remains in the County and the County would control development, not Purcellville.

For more detail on potential benefits, please see the next page on this website.

Would there also be challenges? Absolutely, please see that section of this website.