Potential Benefits to All Citizens


Similar in nature to Fireman’s Field, Warner Brook will leverage the small town aspects and character of family sports and community gatherings with convenient indoor and outdoor recreation facilities for many sports.

Expanding on Purcellville’s enthusiasm for sports and family recreation shown by the wide range of dynamic activity at Fireman’s Field, Warner Brook will bring an indoor sportsplex on 10 acres plus 20 acres of outdoor fields to Purcellville. Sportsplex buildings can be designed to simultaneously accommodate track and field,  soccer, hockey, lacrosse, volleyball, basketball, swimming, and other activities. Citizens can have a convenient all-season all-weather practice facility in town, without having to drive to Dulles, Herndon, Manassas, or farther for children’s and adults’ leagues and teams practice and tournaments. Regional and national sports tournaments can be attracted to the sportsplex as Tournament Headquarters, bringing sports visitor tourism dollars to Purcellville retailers for their financial health and sustainability, just like events at Fireman’s Field.

Small Business Industrial Sites

Similar in nature to Valley Industrial Park, Warner Brook will leverage Purcellville’s character of small business and local business vitality with  light industrial pad sites so that business owners can add real estate ownership to their balance sheets.

Warner Brook plans  to bring 24 acres of small business light industrial building sites into Purcellville, mirroring the Valley Industrial Park which neighbors on the west side of Purcellville Road. This provides more Purcellville small businesses with an opportunity for business real estate ownership, and it adds to Purcellville’s commercial tax base. If Main Street commercial businesses that are currently in flex or warehouse equivalent buildings move to Warner Brook, it will be a catalyst for reducing commercial traffic on Main Street and for improving the Main Street viewshed through redevelopment.

Mixed Commercial Center

12 acres of mixed commercial center on the north side of Rt. 7 will serve the retail needs and conveniences of everyone residing, working, or visiting north of Rt. 7 Bypass (Valley Industrial Park, Mayfair Industrial Park, Mayfair residences, Chestnut Hills, Warner Brook) , alleviating traffic on Main Street from trips that originate north of Rt. 7 for neighborhood conveniences. The commercial center would conveniently serve nearby businesses, visitors, and residents while expanding Purcellville’s commercial tax base.

Fiscal Impact

Contributing towards fiscal stability and sustainability for the Town, Warner Brook can generate conservatively $10,906,093 one-time permit and tap fees plus $962,435 ongoing net annual tax revenues for the Town of Purcellville, after allowing for all possible ongoing expenses.

Reduce Debt Service Costs Annually

Contributing toward reduction of upwards pressure on citizen tax rates, Warner Brook can lessen the debt service burden on Town citizen tax payers. FY18 bond obligation outstanding balance on all issues is $58,220,504. FY18 debt service is $3,452,080. This is a debt service rate of 5.92%. If the Warner Brook one-time fees are used to reduce bond obligations by $10,900,000, then annual debt service expense is reduced by $645,000.

Help Stabilize Town Water and Sewer Utility Fund

Warner Brook will be a strong partner with all citizens of Purcellville in addressing critical urgencies in the Town water and sewer fund finances. Right now, without town growth or any changes to the fund’s currently projected recurring revenue and non-recurring revenues the Town is faced with the need in the FY20 budget to increase water and sewer rates by 9% annually through FY24 (56.9% increase over five years) in order to keep the fund from operating in a deficit of structural imbalance.

Even if the Town allows growth that would achieve $500,000 new annual revenue from non-recurring and recurring revenue growth, the annual rate increase from FY20 through FY24 needs to be 7%. These are strong pressures on utility rate increases or tax rate increases, or both, unless there is a change in the currently projected revenue growth. Warner Brook can be the pivot for solutions to these urgencies.