JLMA-3 Uses

By right uses include residential development, rural commercial development, religious assembly, private schools. Special exception uses include Rural corporate retreat, Rural Resort, Food and Beverage Banquet/Event Facility, Restaurant, Educational or research facility, Daycare, Camp (day and boarding), Country club, Private club or lodge, Outdoor recreation establishment, Retail Sales and Service, Artist studio, Farm market (off-site production), Bed and Breakfast Homestay, Bed and Breakfast Inn , Country Inn, Country Inn with Restaurant.

The 12.4 acre parcel contains the stone farm house and timber dairy barn which could be rebuilt into formal and informal wedding and event venues, under special exception entitlement for a winery, brewery, or distillery with onsite agricultural production that requires minimum 10 acres.

JLMA-3 Purpose and Intent. This district is established to accommodate and foster the development of land within the town’s joint land management areas (JLMAs) outside the incorporated towns in Loudoun County to:

(A) Ensure development in the JLMA-3 district is consistent with the JLMA serving as a gateway to the towns;

(B) Provide for the continued practice of agriculture, farm operations, agriculturally related and home based businesses, low density clustered residential developments and other uses in a predominantly rural environment;

(C) Encourage an appropriate mix of residential and nonresidential land uses;

(D) Where appropriate, achieve a pattern of development that generally conforms to the established, traditional pattern of development in the towns; and

(E) Implement jointly adopted plans where applicable.

The JLMA-3 Use Classifications are:

  • residential uses;
  • agricultural uses;
  • public and institutional uses;
  • commercial uses; and
  • industrial uses.