Concept Plan

The image below is a concept plan for Warner Brook, to provide an idea about how the mixed uses would fit together. After annexation, the rezoning application would submit this concept, which would then go through the process of review and comments by public citizens, planning commission, staff,  Town Council, and outside referral agencies like Loudoun County, VDOT, and others.

Some people say that after annexation there is a risk that the developer would submit something different to the Town for the rezoning application . Others say that after annexation there is a risk to the developer that the Town would only approve something different for the rezoning application. Both the Town and the developer need to minimize risks by being transparent and by cooperating closely during the entire process.

Here is the concept development plan. You can click on it to view a larger pdf version.

Warner Layout 160 concept
Click on this image to view a larger pdf version