2018, July 10 HOA Updates, Wright Farm

2018/07/10 Wright Farm HOA

The Warner family invited Wright Farm residents to discuss the Warner Brook annexation application and development plans. A dozen residents participated.

The collective position of these residents was categorically opposed to the concept development plan. Their first suggestion was to place the property in easement and minimize any development. Their next suggestion was by-right residential development, as they did to Wright Farm. They had not considered what commercial and residential uses are allowed in JLMA-3 by-right.

The biggest concern of residents is that Warner Brook would somehow trigger implementation of the County/VDOT plan for constructing a Northern Collector. The Northern Collector is undesirable to Wright Farm because the alignment is already deeded in Wright Farm properties. The residents of Wright Farm don’t want the Northern Collector through their development. The Warner Family doesn’t have any say in where or when the Northern Collector happens. The Family would support an Alder School road alignment, but the matter is in the hands of VDOT and the County.

Another objection focused specifically on traffic impact  on 287 southbound turning westbound at Hirst Road. This intersection already backs up Wright Farm residents leaving Wright Farm getting onto 287 southbound. Loudoun County has released funds to study possible mitigation to this current problem, and will implement a remedy project, regardless of whether or not anything happens at Warner Brook.

Further objection was raised that planned development for 160 single family detached homes would adversely affect Wright Farm home prices. Home builders have suggested that Warner Brook would build 160 detached homes of 3,000 to 4,000 square feet on 10,000sf lots priced in the $625,000 to $850,000 range. Wright Farm homes are generally 4,500sf to 7,000sf on three to four acre lots, valued in the $750,000 to $1,200,000 range. A Warner Brook home of 3,000sf on one-quarter acre lot price at $600,000 would comparably support commensurately higher value for Wright Farm larger homes on larger lots. Warner Brook market impact would strengthen and improve the relative value of homes in Wright Farm.

A question was asked about schools and where would Warner Brook residents’ children go to school. Warner Brook full occupancy is easily eight years into the future, in which time Loudoun County may implement further classroom expansion projects. Discussions between the Town and the County if the annexation application gets to that point will certainly address this important issue.

A question that Wright Farm residents did not ask was how their neighbors who are residents and businesses in the Town of Purcellville will pay for the broader community’s no-growth agenda, since these neighbors in Town will have to pay 100% of the increased taxes and utility fees that would be necessary under the present fiscal scenario to maintain Town solvency.


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