2018/10/07 Mayfair HOA

2018/10/07 Mayfair HOA

On October 7th the Warner Family met with residents of the Mayfair HOA, a development that neighbors the Warner Brook property. After receiving a briefing on where the annexation application stands, many questions and comments were discussed.

The concept development plan of mixed uses was discussed in detail. Against the backdrop of the current Fireman’s Field episode, Mayfair residents welcomed the potential benefits of an expanded family and youth sports recreation facility that would be run commercially rather than by the Town.

Traffic was the first issue of concern to Mayfair residents. The 690 interchange with Rt. 7 Bypass will hasten connection of Mayfair Crown Drive to 690. An entrance to Warner Brook, probably by a mandated traffic circle, would align with Mayfair Crown Drive on 611 Purcellville Road, providing through traffic possibilities to Mayfair Crown Drive. The possibility of a slip ramp off of Rt. 7 Bypass westbound onto 611 northbound right turn lanes into Warner Brook, all on Warner Brook land, was discussed as an overall traffic mitigation. The imminent plans for the County and VDOT to improve 287 southbound from the Rt. 7 Bypass turning westbound onto Hirst was also discussed.

Another issue of general concern was related to Town fiscal stability. Smart, slow, measured, and controlled growth is what these Mayfair residents want, for strengthening Town finances. They asked for pragmatic, realistic solutions coming from the Town Council as they address scenarios that can force increases in taxes and utility fees. They don’t want higher taxes, and they especially don’t want dramatic hikes in their utility fees. They welcomed the Warner Brook annexation application, because it provides an opportunity to possibly mitigate these fiscal pressures on the Town, much like Mayfair did. As citizens of the Town of Purcellville, these Mayfair residents did not want to pay 100% for someone else’s no-growth agenda.

These residents of Mayfair were going to ask Council members to fully explore the Warner Brook annexation application by voting Yes on October 23rd.

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