2018, May 3 HOA Updates, Further Comments

Following recent in-depth discussions at HOA meetings, follow-on questions have been asked about traffic on Hirst Rd. and the implementation of the planned VDOT Hillsboro Rd. interchange, and about municipal water supply.

Warner Brook annexation, rezoning, and site plan approval would have to be completed before any construction, and construction would then take a year before even the first phase of Warner Brook would become open. This means that Warner Brook first phase opening could be consistent with the Hillsboro Rd. 690 interchange construction, which would allow access to Warner Brook from the 690 interchange on Mayfair Crown Dr. without using Hirst Rd. Also, County FY19 budget includes study for the necessary improvements to the Hirst Rd. intersection with Berlin Turnpike. These improvements are expected to be completed before any elements of Warner Brook open.

Warner Brook traffic planning and phasing absolutely needs to be coordinated during rezoning with Purcellville, the County, and with VDOT.

Another question was raised about water, and whether Purcellville had enough water supply to furnish Warner Brook after all phases were complete in the future. This is a negotiation that would be necessary to have with Purcellville during rezoning, much like the one that would be necessary regarding sewage pumping. Whether or not the developer needs to build and maintain a well and a pumping station for the Town of Purcellville remains to be negotiated.

Positive comments were offered about the sportsplex providing travel convenience to residents for sports practices, sports events, and for community events. The positive economic development impacts , like at Fireman’s Field, were also recognized. Small business light industrial sites for Purcellville business owners were noted as a benefit for the town.

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