2018, May 24 HOA Updates, Main Street Village

During the May 24 meeting of the Main Street Village HOA, Purcellville residents reacted to the Warner Brook concept plan with questions and comments.

Initial questions about traffic were addressed, noting that Warner Brook traffic impact would take place in a slow growth manner after years of annexation, rezoning, site plan approval preceded construction, and construction would take place in phases over a few more years. Looking at Warner Brook traffic impact as an eight year project would be slow growth, coordinated with the Town, the County, and with VDOT.  Hirst Rd. improvements at 690 Hillsboro Rd and at 270 Berlin Turnpike will be under way or completed by the time Warner Brook has any impact.

It was appreciated that Warner Brook would build upon Purcellville’s sports related complexion anchored around Fireman’s Field, and would bring even more beneficial sports tourism and related visitor based economic development to the town. It was also noted that small businesses in light industrial uses would have more real estate ownership opportunities in Purcellville at Warner Brook.

The aspect of Warner Brook fiscal impact to the Town’s budget was discussed. Warner Brook is slow growth, and it cannot come online fast enough to meet the financial pressures from no-growth policies that will force the Council to significantly raise water and sewer rates by 56% over the next five years.

The family was complimented for making the effort to participate in the HOA meetings of residents, for plainly stating the case for Warner Brook, for addressing questions and concerns directly, and for putting up a website with information for reference.

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