2018, 04/24 HOA Updates, Village Case

Last night the Village Case HOA board hosted a Warner Brook briefing. After a short introduction about the mixed use plans for Warner Brook, a ninety minute small group discussion ensued. Many questions were asked from the standpoint of devil’s advocacy, many suggestions were brought up, and we deeply appreciate the time and interest that participants gave this agenda item.

Questions about traffic focused on the primary impact roadways that are accesses by Rt. 7 Bypass east-west travel. Additional questions were raised about sportsplex tournaments that may draw visitors from the north and the south, and how those visitors would travel. Hillsboro Road and Berlin Turnpike would be the northern access roadways. Both will be undergoing capital improvements at their interchanges with Rt. 7 Bypass, and with Hirst, between now and 2024. From the south, Rt. 15 would likely be the access route, which would bring visitors up to Leesburg, and then the Rt. 7 Bypass.

A question was raised about whether or not Warner Brook roadways would be privately maintained or would they be public VDOT roads. The intention now is for private roads, unless VDOT makes future demand specifications that would force public status.

A question was raised about the feasibility of a sportsplex in Purcellville, considering that One Loudoun withdrew plans for a sportsplex there. How could Purcellville get a sportsplex if One Loudoun could not? Warner Brook would be privately ventured, and privately operated, unlike the concept at One Loudoun. At One Loudoun the developer offered to construct the medium sized indoor sportsplex in exchange for being allowed to construct more residential development, then hand over the building to the County to manage, maintain, and operate. The County wasn’t excited by taking on those burdens. “Loudoun County is always open to exploring creative partnerships for public facilities, but many of us on the board believed this indoor sports complex was something best handled by the private sector,” said Supervisor Ron Meyer, R-Broad Run. Warner Brook would be developed and operated commercially by the private sector, on land whose cost basis makes a sportsplex economically feasible compared to One Loudoun land.

A suggestion was made to be flexible in the mixed commercial retail center in case a hotel wanted to locate there because of the sportsplex tournament opportunities. That would be up to the ultimate retail center developer and the Town planning process in the final phase of Warner Brook five or more years from now.

Many other valuable and reasonable thoughts and suggestions were discussed, making the time highly valuable.

The Family remains open to all such discussions, and looks forward to further meetings with the HOAs of Purcellville.

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