2018, 04/17 HOA Updates, Hirst Farm and Locust Grove

The Warner Family is scheduling meetings with individual Purcellville Home Owners Associations to meet directly with citizens of Purcellville for creating transparent awareness and for receiving ideas, suggestions, and concerns in small groups suitable for discussion and feedback.

These meetings began on Tuesday, April 17th. The first meeting was with the Hirst Farm HOA. The following evening the Locust Grove HOA was addressed. On April 24th the Village Case HOA is being visited.

So far, much discussion has focused on the kinds of activities that would be possible through the mixed use approach to Warner Brook, especially related to the sportsplex. Suggestions were made to have such a facility be very flexible to include all sports, not just the most popular ones, and to consider including swimming and track.

Other suggestions expressed concerns around traffic, especially southbound on 287 Berlin Turnpike between Rt. 7 Bypass and Hirst Rd. Since it is already apparent that this roadway link needs widening now, incremental traffic over time as Warner Brook possibly develops would make it imperative to achieve a solution.

It quickly became apparent that making a website available would be more effective than handing out brochures to limited numbers of HOA attendees. This website is the result of that suggestion.

Further comments and suggestions from subsequent HOA meetings will be posted for everyone’s consideration.

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