2018, 04/01 What’s Good for Purcellville?

The four Warner siblings and their families grew up in Purcellville, and two of the siblings still live within the Town limits with their families today. When considering what could be done with Warner Brook, they asked themselves, “What would be good for Purcellville?”

They feel that within appropriate cautions over indiscriminate growth within the current Town of Purcellville limits, the Town’s community still deserves progress. New and long-time citizens alike deserve advancement that would bring their families enhanced and expanded benefits that are consistent with Purcellville’s existing character, amenities, and resources.

These thoughts generated the vision for Warner Brook, to stimulate family recreation and sports, to provide more facilities for broader community gatherings, to create places for more Purcellville small businesses, to add to the economy with more sports tourism visitors who would support Purcellville’s businesses, to increase the Town’s fiscal commercial tax base, and to reduce upwards pressures on the Town’s tax rates and utility rates for all citizens.

The very best interest of citizens and the Town is to do all this with careful consideration for all impact areas like traffic, through the Annexation and Rezoning process, where citizens achieve control and input over what gets approved.

That would then determine what is truly good for Purcellville.

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